The success of any design project is highly dependent on communication between client and designer. Getting the best out of your graphic designer will require some amount of self-preparation than usually expected. Here are a few steps to make this process smooth and successful.

01. Clear vision.

Always remember, the designer may be the “creative one” but, the idea belongs to you. Clients often expect designers to understand their vision even when its not fully formed in their own minds. Layout the details of your idea and ask the designer what works and what doesn’t. This will help you both clearly visualize your idea.

02. Accurate copy.

Designers often pay more attention to design and less to copy. No matter the experience level of a designer, there will be some mistakes in copy content of a design. Some companies hire copywriters but, to minimize this yourself there are a few things you can do. Always deliver copy content on time and in a standalone document. Proof your copy with self-proof software like Grammarly or get a second pair of eyes to help out.

03. Quality feedback.

Your designer wants to create something you love, so quality feedback is very important. Saying you don’t like a design doesn’t help make it better, instead provide detail of what doesn’t feel right about the design and what also works. Do this in a full review not in bits, because this may stall the project and frustrate the designer. Trust me you do not want an exhausted designer on your project.

04. Trust the process to deliver.

Although we know what we want in our design project, we may not fully grasp the level of skill and detail required to make it happen. Any design can always be improved; seeking 100% perfection will only delay a project. Trust the instincts of your designer, allow them to work and you will not only get the best out of them but also make a great ally for future projects.